ESPN’s Lovely Michele Steele Unloads ‘Balls’ Question On Rickie Fowler

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ESPN show host and @bustedcoverage follower Michele Steele (@ESPNMichele) is one of those ESPN show hosts who gets overlooked because Charissa Thompson is the new Michelle Beadle and Steele is stuck doing legitimate work like interviewing Rickie Fowler on her memorabilia show, Mint Condition.

But it’s Steele who’s starting to grow on us.


She has this innocent side that’s just waiting to drop clever “balls” questions on Fowler and then there’s the side where she’s hunting down crap that only men usually care about.

First, the “balls” question on Mint Condition and look back to the camera as if she knows a site like Busted Coverage will take it out of context.

Then there is the dude side of Steele. What woman shops for UNLV championship rings and finds one from George Ackles?


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