20 Best Photos Of Kelly Nash – New Tampa Bay Rays Sideline Reporter

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If you’ve been following BC, the name Laura McKeeman should ring a bell. We crowned her the next Erin Andrews back in 2011. Then she became Miss Florida 2012. Then, to cap it all off, she left her post with the Rays and became the sideline reporter for the Padres.

Kelly Nash is her replacement in Tampa. Lets just say the Rays didn’t miss a beat.

Kelly-Nash-Rays (3)

Nash, who used to cover the University of Miami, the Heat and the Dolphins for the local ABC affiliate, was most recently working for the ACC Network.

While looking over the ACC Network team bios, it quickly became clear that Nash stood out from the crowd. Why? Well, she was the only woman on the team. According to that bio she was a Talent and Production Assistant for the ACC Digital Network.

Time for a role with a little more face time.


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[h/t Tampa Bay Times via The Big Lead]

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