Marquette King and His 5.5 Hang Time Will Ease Raiders Loss Of Shane Lechler [VIDEO]

Marquette King Raiders Punter

Punters — nobody cares about them, right? Wrong.

Former Raiders’ punter Shane Lechler spent 13 years with Oakland before he signed a 3-year, $5.5 million contract with the Houston Texans on Saturday. During his Raiders career, Lechler was easily the team’s most consistent performer — and arguably the best punter in NFL history not named Ray Guy. Lechler’s 47.5 yards per punt gross average was the best in NFL history. He often helped the Raiders gain an advantage in field position (only to watch the defense give up a longer touchdown drive).

So why the hell did the Raiders let Lechler go? Marquette King, that’s why. King is a chiseled, 6’0″ 192-pound punter out of Fort Valley State in Georgia. He gets 5.5 seconds of hang time and 60-80 yards in the air with regularity. Watch the video from January below for proof (yeah, it’s a punting video, but he launches rockets):

See? Serious hang time and distance. Oakland stashed King on injured reserve in 2012. While the rest of the Raiders’ team might still be terrible, Marquette King should be able to step into Lechler’s role pretty quickly.

Oh, just to remind you of Lechler’s leg. Here he is against the Bears in 2011. That’s 80 yards in the air.

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    1. Eric Beltran says:

      Y gES I WAS very upset to hear Raiders let Lecher leave. Didnt come as a big surprise only because the team hasnt really done anything to improve itself for a very long time. In fact ever since Gruden trade the team has constantly done things not to be better. The only things that were positive about the team in the last 13 years was our 2 kickers. Who in all aspects actually our only if not our entire offence. Sad put true. In fact in the 11 years after appearing in the Super Bowl the Raiders not only broke but set a new NFL rrecord to become worse and team with longest losing record ever. Only team ever to only win 3 games or less 11 years staight. Than we had a fluke of a season going 8-8. Well couldnt have that. So we fire our coach and let our only good reciever and best reciever go Zach Miller. Like clock work we return to our 3 games or less wins. So now we only got Sabas. Uggh. As for King yes he has hang time and distance but what he doesnt have is ball placement skills. Reach really all that matters. Lecher had everything a punter should be. Just reminds me of all those years Al Davis would sign QB’s cause they had cannons. Lol forget that none of them could hit the side of a barn but man could they throw down field. :)

      1. Eric Beltran says:

        Sorry about spelling error. Lol finger are to big for keyboard on phone. Lol As for the cutting cost issue. That I dont get. Mainly because our whole team is made up of average or below average players. There is one player of high caliber or stand out league wise to deserves High paying salaries except Woodson and Sabas. No one most should be getting league avg. Or bit higher but none deserve multi million dollar contracts. To put it in lay man terms for instants our defense. Last year across the bay 49ers De had more sacks than our entire team same as their DB he had more int last year than our back field has had the previous 2 years. Has for LB’s lol do we actually have them. Those in below avg Wr corp. Where is all the money going that we need to cut costs. GM salary? I do understand we are still paying the 38 million to D.Russell(worse 1st draft in NFL history) other than that we shouldnt have money issue especially with players we got. At least not ones that would cause us to let go not the NFl greatest punter and one of the few postives of our team for 12 yrs +.. lol i would tell my friends you know something is very wrong when your team iz constantly worse than the Lions or Browns and not just a lil but alot especially 11 yrs in a row and going on 14 yrs. Real Sad! Lol To worse give away our Draft picks for really nothing in return. Cant even get that right. Lol

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