Johnny Cabo Gets One Final Kiss As Spring Break Ends [PHOTOS]

And it’s all over. Johnny Cabo has officially ended Spring Break 2013 in Mexico and it’s now back to online classes and being bothered by annoying Texas A&M students. Oh, and there’s football, too. Spring practice is ready to crank up.

But Cabo wasn’t leaving town without at least one more kiss. It just happens that Miss Heather Johnson (@heatherjTX)is a Texan and needed to leave Scooby with a kiss and an ass grab from Mr. Heisman.

From all Instagram indications, Manziel didn’t get laid on this trip. Of course the guy is loyal to his girlfriend Sarah Savage (um, who went on her own bikini Spring Break). It seemed that Manziel was actually in Mexico to legally drink like a fish and NOT chase tail. Of course, tail is going to chase Cabo.

Like Johnny has time for chicks like Johnson. Where’s the tequila?

Picture 1

Picture 9

And that’s a wrap from Cabo. Johnny Football and his beer pong shorts are out.




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