Johnny Manziel’s GF Sarah Savage Posts Spring Break Pics [PHOTOS]

Sarah Savage Bikini  LEAD

Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel wasn’t the only one having fun on spring break this week. His girlfriend Sarah Savage was apparently spending her break with friends at Atlantis in the Bahamas. While Johnny Football was busy getting Cuervo’d and picking up a Longhorns’ tattoo (wink, wink), Savage was showing off her model body in a bikini.

All pretty normal stuff for Manziel and Savage. If they are still a couple, they did what college couples should do over spring break: separate. Because, really, if you go on spring break with your girlfriend or boyfriend, you might as well not go at all. Both took great care not to have pics posted with the opposite sex, so it’s probably a don’t ask/don’t tell situation.

Here are some pictures of Savage (and friends) in a bikini at Atlantis. She’s a Brent Musburger quip away from starring on a reality TV show.



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