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Hockey Player Brett Cook Banned For Life After Punching Ref In The Face [VIDEO, GIF]

Brett Cook, a defenseman for Nipissing University in Canada, did the unthinkable in a late February game. During a fight he let his emotions get the best of him and punched a linesman in the face.

This wasn’t an accidental graze. This was a full force uppercut that visibly stunned the official.

According to the YouTube uploader:

The incident occurred following a third-period scrap between Cook and a UQTR player. Piche (the linesman) grabbed Cook and attempted to direct him towards the penalty box when another scrum broke out.

Cook, who played the previous 5 seasons in the OHL, had four years left of eligibility to play at the university level. He can kiss that goodbye.

Ontario University Athletics dropped a lifetime ban on Cook’s ass and released the following statement:

Upon review by the OUA men’s hockey review panel, consisting of the OUA men’s hockey convener and a representative of the OUA Sport Committee, Brett Cook has been banned from participating in any OUA-sanctioned competition for the remainder of his university career.

For a GIF of the incident head over to It’s Always Sunny In Detroit.

[h/t IASID, Toronto Sun]



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