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Spring Training Fan Steals Home Run Ball From Kids, Doesn’t Drop All Of His Beer [VIDEO]

I’m pretty sure I could watch this video of some guy at yesterday’s Tigers-Braves game snagging a home run ball at least a hundred times and not stop laughing. It never fails, every Spring Training has that guy who paid $5 for an outfield grass seat and turns into an internet legend.

That’s this guy. From the jorts, to the beer, to the ball thievery, to the attempted save of as much beer as possible, That Guy will fight for a home run ball.

Our video experts have slowed down the video and it seems like That Guy nearly caught the ball on a fly in his beer. And then it’s on.

As for the game, the Braves won, 6-1, putting Atlanta only 1.5 games out of first in the Grapefruit.

[HT: @ajpaulk]



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