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UPDATE: More Violent & Racial Iowa State Tweets Uncovered

We told you about the violent, racist Iowa State a-holes yesterday, but it looks like there was more to the story. The angry fans had more tweets (two of them above) that we didn’t notice until today.

What do we see? More racism and more threats of violence including a threat to “slam dunk a 9mm bullet” into Elijah Johnson’s brain.

KCCI-8 Iowa picked up on our story and did a full report on the local news yesterday. They spoke with Pamela Anthony, the ISU Dean of Students, and she had this to say:

One of the tweets has some language that is perceived as threatening, and so we are always concerned when there is a real or perceived threat against anyone, particularly asserted by one of our students.

Yeah, I’d say threats of slam dunking a 9mm bullet into an opponents head should be perceived as threatening.

Then there were these tweets from the other perp we mentioned yesterday, Jordan Sitzmann:

Iowa State Tweets 2

Oh, just some more violent, racist, demeaning tweets…no biggie.

Listen, we’re not here to put all of the Iowa State fans on blast. Most have been nothing but classy, apologizing on the behalf of these morons, tweeting support to Elijah Johnson. One guy even went THIS far. Nice touch, bro:

Iowa State Tweets 3

We’re just sick of Twitter tough guys. We’re sick of d-bags running their mouth dropping death threats on Twitter and playing it off as a big, ol’ joke.

We’ve done it before with the idiot who threatened to spray bullets at Mark Sanchez, we did it with these morons at Iowa State and we’ll do it again.



    1. Ryan Newell says:

      Just so you know I wrote to the Dean, Chief of police , all city council members and the mayor of Ames, as I know this would not be tolerated at the university of Kansas nor with the city of Lawrence….I’ve got a prompt response and have all the emails saved…..this will not go unnoticed….

      Ryan Newell
      SGT US ARMY (Ret)

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