Sean Payton Having Binocular Problems At NFL Combine

Why was Sean Payton looking throw the wrong end of his binoculars this morning at the NFL Combine?

Little rusty from the year off work?


It’s Monday morning?

That’s how he finds diamonds in the rough?

Stayed up late pounding margaritas while listening to Jimmy Buffett tunes at Indy bar?


Bigger binoculars fail: GW Bush vs. Sean Payton?




    1. WeDat! says:

      I demand a bounty on the head of whoever published this picture!

    2. Cheley says:

      Really?!…..And your boss okay’d this story be published?…..wowwww!!

    3. Liltankjj says:

      So this is what happens when the media has nothing else to write about. A waste of my attention.

    4. Travis says:

      Why did you say throw instead of through?

      Bad English skills?

      Low level of schooling completion?

      Poor grammar?

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