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Buy Andrew Bynum’s 2009 Ferrari F430 For $209,990 [23 PHOTOS]

Andrew Bynum’s 2012-13 season has been tumultuous at best. Instead of his ability on the court, everyone is focusing on his lack of ability to maintain his physical hygiene. Perhaps feeling his basketball mortality, he has decided to sell his 2009 Ferrari F430 for $209,990.

You think Bynum just bought the car and left it as is? Not a chance. According to Thornwood Motors, Bynum dropped $200k on this baby…in upgrades alone!

This ONE of ONE Celebrity Owned 2009 Ferrari F430 SUPERCHARGED Coupe is custom in every way possible! With 785 HP and $200k in upgrades! Car comes complete with all books, keys, window sticker and complete VIP build book.

Can a seven-footer even fit in a Ferrari? How many months a year can you even drive a Ferrari in Philadelphia?

The Specs On Bynum’s Ferrari

  • 7,608 miles…the guy barely drove it
  • Power Daytona Seats
  • Front Parking Sensors
  • CD player AND power windows!
  • $11,960 Novitec NF3 Wheels

[Buy Andrew Bynum’s Ferrari F430 – eBay]

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