Missouri Mascot Truman The Tiger Hitting A Bong [PHOTO]

What you’re looking at is a photo of what appears to be the Missouri mascot, Truman the Tiger, kicking back and hitting a bong. Although it remains in question whether or not this is the official mascot, it sure as hell looks like it.

SB Nation spotted the photo on Reddit, but it was originally tweeted out early last week by a Mizzou student named Kyle York.

Truman Bong tweet

Take a look at the photo below. Sure looks like the same striped feline to us.


We’ll leave this as an open ended post. Were you there? Did you spark  the bong for Truman? If anyone knows the weed smoking tiger let us know.

An LSU commenter on Reddit put it best:

Get it together Truman. If you want to represent Missouri, you have to do meth!


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    1. derek says:

      Clearly its not the real mascot compare pics of real one to fakeone.

    2. raheezee says:

      He must have been hanging at the UW that moment…. go Huskies

    3. Tired says:

      Do you think that just because you are an Internet hack that you have no obligations to at least feign care for truth in reporting? You don’t have to look hard at allllll to tell the mascot in the bong hitting photo and the mascot in the official photo don’t match. I am an Arkansas fan, so I have no skin in the game on this, but I get so tired of this trolling crap by “Internet journalists”.

    4. Ben says:

      Seriously, if you don’t have a picture of Truman hitting the bong you didn’t party at MIZZOU. I’m looking at mine from 04′ now…

    5. Kyle Pikop says:

      Seriously? Meth? Good one. Especially coming from the bayou where the IQ is near 40. Clearly not the same tiger, so do a better job at looking for stories. Bad journalism.

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