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Magic Johnson Didn’t Seem To Enjoy Dick Vitale’s Kiss & More Screncapping Fun!

Why did ESPN have Magic Johnson working last night’s Michigan State-Indiana game with Dickie V. and Mike Tirico? Because that’s what you do in mid-February to make a #1 vs. #4 much more important. The Hoosiers won, 72-68, and now have the inside track to a Big Ten title.

Who, besides dorks at Indiana, give two shits about a Big Ten basketball title? Yeah, you get to hang a banner and come back to campus 20 years later for some stupid awards presentation at center court.

By the way, why’s Magic acting like a dick to Dickie.? The guy just wants a kiss.

(You know who cares about Big Ten basketball titles? This dork.)


You know who cares about Big Ten titles? This guy.

Been working out, bro?


In Spring Training news, watch where you park when Giancarlo Stanton takes BP.


Odds & Ends:

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As for the Boston College student section at last night’s game against Maryland… (via ‏@gamblingkings)

Picture 3

Finally, we shut it down with a look at the Post and it’s amazing sports cover.

Picture 4



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