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ESPN Intern’s Spring Gig Ends With This Old Miss Error & More Screencapping Fun!

Old Miss? Seriously? Old Miss? The ‘d’ and the ‘e’ are close on the keyboard so maybe it was just an honest typo from an ESPN intern. The problem is that this type of error doesn’t come without punishment. We’re talking about SEC country. If you screw up Northern Illinois, nobody cares. You screw up Ole Miss and the entire SEC rips you via message boards for months.

While we’re on the subject, this happened, too.


Odds & Ends:

Wash it out real quick and don’t miss a shift.


Michigan still using the a very old iMac for basketball games.


Can’t wait to read about he prison guard pregnant with the cop killer’s baby.

Picture 5

Finally, it’s a huge day for SEC football fans. It’s the day when 40-something men lust over high school boys picking a college to attend. It’s also the day when Bama’s Fax Cam Girl does her thing. It’s a national holiday in Dixie.


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