Saints Fan Will Get His ‘F–K Goodell’ Shirt On ESPN & More Screencapping Fun!

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Good work, ESPN camera guy. You know what’s great? ESPN decided to stage its shows from the middle of the French Quarter. If you think a “F–k Goodell” shirt is the worst that’ll happen on live TV from New Orleans this week, just wait. We’ve already posted photos of the guy wearing a hat proclaiming him to be “Big Sexy” and wearing a bikini top.

In other Super Bowl news:

Why is this guy sniffing some Media Day chick’s ear?


Remember Larry Beil from his days at ESPN? No? You’re under 30.

Picture 2

Um, this looks like trouble. Telemundo does it again. We suspect Mirella got a couple invitations back to the Ravens hotel.

Picture 3

And how did this chick get a media day pass?

Picture 5

Odds & Ends:

Picture 6

As seen last night from Baltimore’s Inner Harbor:

Picture 7

Finally, of course the Yankees now want out of ARod’s contract. Will it happen? No chance. And how great is that Ray Ray sidebar head?

Picture 4