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23 Pictures of Courtney Lenz, Ravens Cheerleader Left Off Super Bowl Roster

Baltimore Ravens cheerleader Courtney Lenz thinks she should be in New Orleans with the rest of her squad, who will cheer on the AFC champs in Super Bowl XLVII on Sunday. The Ravens think not.

A five-year veteran of the team, Lenz, 23, left her role as an NFL cheerleader at the end of the regular season when she got a full-time job in marketing. She claims the Ravens are holding her ‘retirement’ against her; she’s the only team member with more than three years experience who wasn’t invited along to New Orleans. Lenz also claims the organization benched her during the year for gaining two pounds.

Fans have launched an online campaign to try to change the Ravens’ mind.

The Ravens said they were only able to bring 32 of the 60 (!) cheerleaders to New Orleans and that Lenz didn’t make the cut.

Take a look at the pictures for yourself. You see any extra pounds or reasons not to have Lenz make the trip? We didn’t.



    1. S says:

      I personally think that she should just be happy that she got as far as she did. Who cares what other people think! Move on. Is it really worth the drama. Not to me. Be happy and appreciate your accomplishments. Too many people start drama to become famous or cause a scene. Why does it matter? Learning to appreciate what you have already accomplished is key. Someday you will realize this.

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