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Marshall Henderson Pounds Coors Lights After Beating Auburn [PHOTOS]

White Chocolate Marshall Henderson was at it again Saturday night after our new hero sank two free throws with :07 on the clock, beating Auburn 63-61, then taunting the student section. Henderson and the Rebels came home and Chocolate was spotted at a house party double fisting Coors Light.

We woudn’t have expected anything less.

Marshall Henderson does three things in life: win basketball games, pound drinks and pose for photos. It’s like a perfect scenario for sports blogs. The guy still leads the SEC in PPG. The Rebels are 17-2 and get Kentucky – in Oxford – on Tuesday and go to Florida on Saturday.


Meanwhile, Chocolate keeps posing. The guy didn’t even change his clothes from the bus to the party.

Beer me.

[via @bchapman18]





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