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Boomer Esiason’s Daughter, Sydney, Is Dating Islanders Tough Guy Matt Martin

When I told BC Assistant Editor Rob Xavier that Sydney Esiason was dating the Islanders Matt Martin, his response was, “WHY HIM?” Sydney, the daughter of Boomer, has had her moments on Busted Coverage, but those stories are officially trumped by news that she’s dating a guy who was -17 last year for the Isles.

We didn’t realize there was a Martin/Esiason relationship until a tipster pointed out this week on Twitter that Boston Bruins walking horndog Tyler Seguin was seemingly hitting on Sydney, still a Boston College student. One thing led to another and word came down from our source that Martin is already on a power-play with Boom’s only beautiful blonde daughter.

It must be serious with Martin if she’s turning down a guy who dances shirtless on bars.


As for this Martin character, he set an NHL record during 2011-12 for hits in a season (in case you didn’t know the NHL keeps track of that stat) and will drop the gloves when needed. He had 121 PIM last year and dropped the gloves yesterday during the opening faceoff with the Lightning’s B.J. Crombeen.

Sydney was at the game for the fight. So many tears are flowing right now across the NHL.

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