Brent Musburger: Holly Rowe “Was Really Smokin’ Tonight” At Kansas-Baylor [VIDEO]

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Brent Musburger was at it again last night in Lawrence, Kansas where he finished off the KU-Baylor game by saying that sideline reporter Holly Rowe “was really smokin’ tonight.”

That’s exactly how we like our Musburger. He calls it like it is. Holly isn’t your typical sideline reporter who looks like she was plucked from Alpha Chi Omega. She has some curves, goes by @sportsiren and was once called “sweetheart” by Ron Franklin.

Ron had to apologize for that remark.

As for Musburger, he’s just all sorts of horned up in 2013. Of course you remember the Katherine Webb incident. He’s 73. The guy knows he’s getting to the borrowed time stage of life. It’s time to say what’s on his mind before ESPN yanks the mic from his head.


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