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Mike Trout Is A 5-Tool Fisherman: Angels OF Lands 550-Pound Grouper During Family Key West Vacation

Over the weekend we noticed that Mike Trout, his family, and most importantly his girlfriend Jessica Cox were heading to Key West for a little vacation. They seem like a rather tame bunch so we weren’t expecting much, especially with the whole family joining them.

We checked his Twitter account this morning anyways, just doing our due dilligence, and what we saw was even better than a drunken party photo. The whole crew went fishing yesterday and caught a literal sea monster.

Mike-Trout-Vacation-Photo (4)

According to the Trout camp this grouper weighed in at 550 pounds. It was so heavy they couldn’t even get it up on to the boat.

Mike-Trout-Vacation-Tweet (1)

It’s clear that a Florida trip for Mike Trout and family isn’t your run-of-the-mill athlete vacation. You’re not going to get beer bong photos. You won’t see him doing body shots off of groupies.

What you will get is a 500+ pound fish that for some reason we find equally as entertaining.

Mike-Trout-Vacation-Photo (3)

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