Tony Romo’s Indoor Soccer Season Has Started [PHOTOS]

And so it begins. Tony Romo’s indoor soccer season got started this week at American Indoor Soccer in Carrollton, Texas during the Tuesday night league. It’s not like the Cowboys quarterback has anything else going on. It seems that cracked rib suffered in the Redskins loss is healing nicely.

You might remember last year when we kept tabs on Romo’s indoor soccer career and reported how opponents called him “fat and slow.”

If you’re in Tony Romo indoor soccer league, we’re looking for a game correspondent. We need to beat ESPN on this stuff. Send word.

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Romo has also been spotted working on his golf game. Again, the rib is healing just fine.

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    1. Dylan says:

      Uhh..he played football with broken ribs and a punctured lung, I think he can handle kicking a ball and swinging a club with a cracked rib.

    2. jcris says:

      Romo is the man… don’t really care what anyone thinks..

      This is one competitive dude…. he won’t stop practicing and ..

      studying until he retires .. he needs an O line.. and a coach…

      1. JP says:

        I agree.. romo is a stud… he is the only reason we were even had a chance.of winning the nfc east.. with out him we would of went 2 – 14

    3. rmal83 says:

      Romo is the man! There is nothing wrong with playing soccer and golf!

    4. Shelley says:

      Seriously?? I guess with such a terrible football season, exploring other career opportunities isn’t a bad thing for Romo. We have been Cowboys fans for YEARS – Witten is amazing – but we are truly tired of loosing seasons YEAR AFTER YEAR. Fans can only take so much.

      Thank goodness for college football! ROLL TIDE.

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