WAGs Of The 2013 NFL Playoffs

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Wags of NFL


With every other site blabbering about Andy Dalton’s chances against the Texans defense we are here to bring you the good stuff. This years crop of NFL Playoff WAG’s is a diverse one. Sure everyone already knows and loves the likes of Samantha Steele and Gisele Bundchen, but how about Elise Pollard (Golden Tate’s blonde girlfriend) and Shenae Saifi (Patrick Willis’ girlfriend)?

Instead of wasting time reading up on the Packers defense and their chances of stopping Adrian Peterson, scroll down and check out the nine best sets of T&A that the 2013 NFL Playoffs have to offer.


Destiny Newton – Aaron Rodgers’ Fiancée

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Jessie James to entertain troops overseas

Jessie James – Eric Decker’s Fiancée

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Gisele Bundchen – Tom Brady’s Wife

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Samantha Steele  – Christian Ponder’s Wife

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Anna Burns – Wes Welker’s Wife

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Shenae Saifi – Patrick Willis’ Girlfriend

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Elise Pollard – Golden Tate’s Girlfriend

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Linda Holliday – Bill Belichick’s Girlfriend

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Nicole Pechanec – Andrew Luck’s Girlfriend

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