Bama Fan Jesse Wayne Jackson & His Throat Tat Popped For Felony Theft

Poor Bama fan, Jesse Wayne Jackson. Not only did the guy spend the Christmas holiday in jail, it also looks like he’ll miss the BCS game after being arrested in Florida on December 22 via felony theft charges.

It’s not like Jackson isn’t familiar with the penal system. A quick Google search tells BC Cuff ‘Em investigators that Jackson has spent a considerable amount of his 2012 interacting with the fuzz.

Cops got him in August for probation violation. He was also popped for theft back in April.

You’d figure that Jesse (sometimes spelled Jessie) would find a helluva hiding spot for the BCS game and then maybe take some risks. He always runs the risk that the jail will go into lockdown during the 4th quarter as AJ McCarron is leading Bama to the possible game-winning TD.

When you have a Bama throat tat, you gotta tighten up your game.


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