South Bend Cops Bust BCS Championship Ticket Thieves Trying To Sell Tickets In Bar

The cheapest tickets right now on StubHub for the BCS Championship game are going for $975 and you don’t even get a seat at that price. That’s a standing-room only ticket. For a pair of seats, you’ll spend at least $1,100 before StubHub fees.

So those of you ordering off StubHub should figure out a way to be at home and waiting at the door when FedEx delivers those tickets.

Here’s an example of what can happen to your tickets in South Bend. A lady had her tickets stolen, but she got them back via the great work of the local fuzz.

South Bend police said the woman, 63, reported on Tuesday that her championship game tickets were taken from her front porch on North Shore Drive. The woman told police online records indicated the tickets had been delivered via FedEx, but she never received them.

She reported the stolen tickets to Notre Dame, police said. Meanwhile, two men walked into Mulligan’s Bar and Grill and tried to sell BCS tickets, police said.

Patrons of the bar were suspicious and called the university, according to police. Two South Bend police officers came to Mulligan’s Wednesday and waited for the men to return to the bar and complete the transaction, police said.

And for those of you wanting to buy Orange Bowl tickets, please don’t try to buy them off Craig’s List. In fact, we recommend going on StubHub where seats were going for $15 the last time we looked.

[South Bend police recover stolen BCS tickets]

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