Moron Nearly Buys Fake Orange Bowl Tickets From Moron Selling Fake Orange Bowl Tickets

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You know who deserves to get ripped off? The NIU fan in Chicago who nearly bought fake Orange Bowl tickets.

This just defies logic.

Via the Chicago Tribune:

A man was arrested over the weekend after attempting to sell a police officer fraudulent tickets to a Bowl Championship Series college football game, authorities said.

Christopher Smith, 22, of the 6800 block of South Merrill Avenue, was arrested at 7:35 p.m. Saturday and charged with misdemeanor theft, police said.

Through Craigslist, Smith had arranged to meet with a buyer and sell him two tickets to the Orange Bowl for $600 each.

The purchase proceeded as planned, but the buyer became suspicious after discovering the tickets he had bought contained multiple mistakes in grammar and spelling, according to a police report obtained by the Tribune.

Look, you can buy $15 tickets right now on StubHub. Want a 4th row seat? $200. The most expensive Orange Bowl seat on StubHub is only $429.

Hence, the moron actually deserves to get ripped off with the $600 seats.

[Cops: Man tried to sell police officer fake Orange Bowl tickets]