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Jaime Edmondson & Evan Longoria Are Preggers; BC Buys Breast Milk Bottles Off Registry

Friend of Busted Coverage, and Playboy Playmate, Jaime Edmondson broke the news over the weekend that she is pregnant with the offspring of Tampa Rays third baseman Evan Longoria. The happy couple have been living together for about two years, Evan has a new $100 million contract extension and a baby due during Spring Training.

Of course we sent a baby shower gift from Buy Buy Baby. Our expertise is usually in wedding gifts, but Edmondson’s shower registry is online so we splurged.

It was originally our intention to send Jaime a Busted Coverage onesie for the baby, and that might still happen, but we went with the safe choice of breast milk bottles. You know, something she can actually use.

Picture 3

If you have some money to blow, spend $299 on the Medela breast pump. Just a suggestion. If you’re really loaded, buy the $319 car seat. There’s really something for all budgets. Say congratulations with $2.99 socks.

Our only advice in the gift card: Don’t plan on sleeping in on Saturdays.

Good luck to the expecting parents.

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