Holiday Gift Time! Win An Insane Red Stripe Gift Pack; Hats, Shirts; Beer Money, Too!

It’s that time of year again when BC thinks about its readers who might be struggling through tough times around the holidays. Maybe the wife is divorcing you. Maybe your kids hate you. Maybe your girlfriend turned lesbian and your roommate is the other woman. Maybe you’re about to lose your house and you just need to escape.

Enter our island friends at Red Stripe.

They came to us last week looking to giveaway five kits full of Red Stripe essentials to Busted readers.

Each kit includes (5 winners):
• A cooler full of Red Stripe gear (4 t-shirts, hats, cozies)

• Red Stripe gift cards (enough for purchasing 3 six packs)

• A few fun grilling recipes

• A Red Stripe hoodie, complete with a pocket for your beer

How To Win:

• Leave comment below why you need one of the kits


• Email me with reason why you need one of the kits – mail@bustedcoverage.com

• Winners will receive kits directly from Red Stripe rep. I have no interest in dealing with USPS at this time of year.

Don’t feel like trying to win 18 beers, 4 shirts, hats and cozies? No skin off my back, we’ll just send yours to Kevin The Intern.


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    1. Brandi says:

      bc my pothead friends need Christmas gifts. I am not down for their wish list and buying paraphanelia or their drugs. Potheads love red stripe. I don’t get it.

    2. Dan Williams says:

      Girlfriend loves Red Stripe

    3. scott says:

      i Love Red Stripe and have much experience with it….my family is looking for a gift for me and this would be perfect!

    4. Rumpy says:

      I deserve a prize pack because my dog drinks all my beer.

    5. Glenn says:

      I’m guessing…. and this is only a guess that the brain children on this board will not follow the instructions on how to enter

    6. Drew says:

      I could use a red stripe gift pack to get me through the long Indiana winter. Drinking a red stripe wearing a red stripe hoodie just might do the trick!

    7. Aaron says:

      All bull shit aside, I’ve never won anything doing this an i want to win some free beer!

    8. Meat says:

      because I’m a white guy and red stripe helps white guys dance.

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