Minnesota Fox 9’s Paul Charchian: “I’m Pissed (At Vikings)” Rant [VIDEO]

It turns out Minnesota Fox 9’s Paul Charchian is really pissed. How pissed? So pissed he used his rant time last night after the Vikings loss to the Packers to use “I’m pissed” multiple times on TV.

And this rant didn’t just come off the top of Charchian’s head. He actually wrote the “I’m pissed” editorial.

Meanwhile, Christian Ponder, who was Mr. Funny Guy on Twitter when he was performing well and his team was winning, is suddenly quiet as the Vikings season is over. That’s what happens when you go 1-4 over your last 5.

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    1. Jim says:

      why in heavens name doesn’t ziggy step in? does he not have a back bone? we still have a chance at the second wild card. frazier is a joke as a coach. ziggy should can him. joe and troy stated we need some wide receivers. now if that isn’t putting the cart before horse i don’t know what is. how the hell are we going to get them the ball.

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