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BC Gets Thank You Note From Ryan Howard & Fiancée For $7.99 Washcloth Wedding Gift

Ryan Howard and his former Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader fiancée, Krystle Campbell, are getting married Saturday. That means thank you notes for wedding gifts are going out and BC just happened to get ours from the happy couple. You might remember back in August we discovered Ryan’s wedding registry and spent some of our celebrity wedding gift budget.

A washcloth means enough to this couple that they sent the above note, complete with Ryan’s authentic signature.

Or is it?

Here’s his 2004 Upper Deck autographed card. Maybe he signs his thank you notes with a different style.

Anyway, you might remember what we said on the gift card:

Congratulations to both of you. This washcloth was the best I could do since I’m unemployed (have been for 3 years), but it’s the thought that matters. Go Phillies!

Just a reminder, Howard will make $75,000,000 (guaranteed) over the next three seasons, yet we helped Ryan and Krystal to complete their towel set.

That’s a helluva honor.

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