Greg Oden Bar Watch: A Bucket Of Beers & Beer Pong With Chicks

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At this point, pending a physical, it might be wise for Greg Oden to just become a bouncer at Ohio State’s Little Bar. The guy was there again Saturday working on a bucket of beers with his boys for the Buckeyes game against Wisconsin.

While the sports world was busy tweeting smarmy Bynum-Oden correlations, Greg was pulling on his tracksuit for another weekend of boozing.

It wasn’t a very chaotic Saturday of boozing for the big guy. Or OSU fans are just becoming numb to the 7-footer pounding beers in public.

At some point Oden left the Little Bar and found an open spot at a beer pong table, according to one tipster. It seems his rehab is coming along just fine.

Then there was this Oden report from Sunday NFL drinking action (via @alex12adams). He seems to be taking it easy because of the OSU-Michigan game. Expect greatness next Saturday.

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