Buy Wes Welker’s Boston Condo For $2.55 Million [12 PHOTOS]

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It appears that even Wes Welker thinks his days as a member of the New England Patriots are numbered. He first listed the condo in mid-summer for just under $3 million. Now that we are past the halfway point of the NFL season and Welker is working with a mere $9.5 million franchise tag, he really seems to be feeling the heat to unload this condo. Why do we say that? Well he just cut another $200,000 off of the asking price. The ol’ ball and chains, Anna Burns, must really want to get out of Boston.

Welker must really be a simple man, because this condo is quite the dud. Are we supposed to be impressed that it has a private rooftop deck? Yawn. You can bet you ass that Anna is going to expect more wherever Welker lands in the 2013 season.

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BC Real Estate Rundown On Welker’s Condo:

• 3 bed, 3 bath

• 2,375 Sq Ft

• Master suite complete with private balcony and wet bar.

1.4 miles to Whole Foods (Walking Distance!)

0.5 miles to Jacques Cabaret…a real classy joint!

Asking: $2,550,000

Mortgage: Between $9,000-10,000 a month before valet and doorman tips

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