Bills Fan Found Dead In Creek After Being Kicked Out Of Game


A 26-year-old male found dead this morning in a creek behind the Bills practice facility had been ejected from last night’s Bills-Dolphins game, according to Buffalo media. Police aren’t sure how the fan ended up in the creek. The Buffalo News is reporting the Rochester man was ejected for being drunk.

According to WIVB-Buffalo:

Search crews in Orchard Park located a 26-year-old man’s body Friday morning, who was reported missing after Thursday night’s Buffalo Bills game. The man is not from the Buffalo area. The Erie County Sheriff’s Office needed to use an ATV during the search, to locate the man’s body.

Here is a breakdown from WBEN-Buffalo of the search area and the proximity of the body location to the stadium:

Of course this sad story turned into a ridiculous fight on WIVB whether the police should even search for the guy.

Details on the victim and the death are still hazy, but WHEC-Rochester reporter Berkeley Brean just tweeted:



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