Girls Of The SEC: If You Don’t Like Florida, You Can Suck It! [PHOTOS]

These Florida Gators babes might be my favorite SEC girls of the year! Nothing gets me going like girls doing the throwback D-Generation X “suck-it” sign. You can tell the girl on the left had no idea what was going on. She’s just looking cute for the camera in her little orange sundress while her two friends are getting wrestling nerds juices flowing.

One thing is for sure…these ladies had no idea just how close of a game their Gators would be in for against the ULL Rajin’ Cajuns. The #7 ranked Gators needed a late blocked punt to seal the victory in regulation, eventually winning 27-20. Next week shouldn’t be an issue as Florida goes against Jacksonville State, but a showdown against FSU is looming in two weeks.

Have a Girl of the SEC photo we need to see? We’re all ears. Were you tailgating over the weekend and saw a lady Gator grilling? We want to see.

Girls Of The SEC: Vol. 1

Girls Of The SEC: Vol. 2

Girls Of The SEC: Vol. 3

Girls Of The SEC: Vol. 4

Girls Of The SEC: Vol. 5

Girls Of The SEC: Vol. 6

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