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50 Cent Agrees To Fight Floyd Mayweather For $5 Million

Somehow we missed out on the 50 Cent-Floyd Mayweather beef that was going on earlier this month. The two former BFF’s were going back and forth on Twitter about money, album sales and more. Rick Ross even got in the mix. 50 started things off by saying TMT (The Money Team) was no longer, since Mayweather didn’t pay up. Things escalated and now it looks like things might get physical.

According to Hip Hop Wired:

Billionaire entrepreneur Alki David and Celebrity Boxing promoter Damon Feldman are breaking off undefeated boxing superstar and Money Team leader and former buddy $5,000,000 each to settle their differences in the ring.

So just how did this happen? Well here are some of the heated tweets that led to this inevitable boxing match.

50 later tweeted that Floyd put him up to this, that he just wanted to drive some attention his way. Is this “beef” a BS PR stunt? Probably, because who are we kidding, look at Google’s third suggested search:

Either way, it looks like the fight might actually happen. It just hinges on Floyd accepting the bid…which he will because it’s $5 million and he’s going to kick 50’s ass. When asked, “You box now?” by a fan, 50 responded like only 50 would: “If they want to give me 5 million, fool.” Stay tuned.



    1. reggie says:

      I think if america fall for this BS we all our some dumb poop
      and these two getto ho’s need to grow the hell up. 50 you aint nothing but a DK rider
      and food stamp you’re a coward , be a man and fight manny

      1. dub says:

        Man ur a fuckin dumbass..lol.

    2. Sydney says:

      Wil 50c fight mayweather. Hel no. Am a zambia africa

      1. Mayweather is a Bitch he will never fight many hes waiting until many is no longer the fighter he was whos that pussy kidding

    3. will says:

      With all that money, can he afford some English lessons?

    4. Ebonvoice says:

      Translated: Floyd Mayweather will earn a $100,000/second paycheck.

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