The Hottest Colombian Soccer Chicks Of 2012 [24 PHOTOS]

What do we know about Colombia, specifically the soccer played in that country? Nothing. Not a single thing. But we hear the women are amazing down there. Thankfully, the great people at took models Rosa Caiafa (red, white & blue bikini), Daniela Basto (seen above) and Yeimi Rey (green jersey) and put together the best Colombian soccer chick shoot of 2012.

We keep preaching to the MLS that the league needs to do such a shoot, but must import hot chicks from locals such as Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay and even Panama. You save money by not having to spray tan them and you get the U.S. discount because these chicks think one thing will lead to another and they’ll be marrying Robinson Cano or Melky Cabrera.

It’s a win-win for the MLS.

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