ESPN Intern Misspells Quarterback Four Times & We Have The Screencaps

These four spelling fails from ESPN last night during the Virginia Tech-Florida State game have to be the work of an intern because a full timer would never destroy graphics like this.

We’re still not sure, and it doesn’t matter, if this came from a piece on Heisman contenders or the best quarterbacks in college football. Of course we’re all human. Of course BC will have multiple spelling and grammar errors in the course of a day. The thing is, you only needed to nail one word in these graphics.

It really was a legendary night for ESPN interns. There are fails and then there are these four fails.

Good luck working Richmond vs. Western Kentucky football games on the NBC Sports Network.

Update: @TheGisser also points out that Tajh Boyd’s name is wrong. C’mon, interns!



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      Just like the post on said, I know that my own site (OPS) is full of spelling and grammatical mistakes. However, when you are ESPN and you make these types of mistakes, you are going to get called out. It is that simple.

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