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Ryan Braun & Larisa Fraser Are Engaged [PHOTOS]

Here we go again, beating major media outlets (Milwaukee) to the news that their star Ryan Braun, 28, is now engaged to his lingerie model girlfriend Larisa Fraser. To think that Milwaukee TV stations and the Journal Sentinel employ people to break such huge news. Once again, Busted Coverage engagement news hounds beat the professionals.

It’s ok, Milwaukee TV, we’ll do the legwork on this one.

Fraser, who runs a food and modeling blog, sorta buried the fiance nugget in a post on Saturday. She never uses the Hebrew Hammer’s name on her site. He’s usually just the “boyfriend.” That all changed with her latest post about food (see giant rock, above).

I’ve been so busy with school and work and up until last night I hadn’t cooked a new meal in a month! That’s sad. I obviously do the standard Banana Smoothie, Oatmeals, omeletes, and fish and asparagus for dinner (boring?). After a fridge loading Costco Trip it was time to feed the boyfriend–fiance (I’m still not used to that) something ‘new’. DA DA DA DAAAA… Fish, Asparagus, and Coconut Thai Red Curry Sauce. Somehow it was plate lickin good (yes, i do that on occasion).

And then there was the photo of the engaged couple in London discretely showing off that giant rock coming from the Braun bank account.

Ladies, it’s OK to be jealous. Pending a prenup, Fraser is sitting on a $141.5 million marriage (the $20M in 2021 is an option year). In other words, she just went lingerie modeling to survive to lingerie modeling for fun when Ryan’s on the road.

According to her bio, Fraser is a Canadian Model for Elite Model Management. She was born in Toronto, Canada and moved to Alpine, Utah with her family in 1996. In 2007 she graduated from Lone Peak High School and soon after attended the University of Utah.

[Model Eats Blog]



    1. Makenzie says:

      EXCUSE ME????? No no this a joke. Haha very funny Ryan! Seriously? I mean I want you to be happy but really? A lingerie model? PUH-LEASE. Surely you can do better than that? What if she is cheating on you? Or she isn’t being totally honest about herself? Maybe she was like the last girlfriend you had? I mean you dumped the last one right? Exactly… And anyways I really should be yours… Haha I wish! I’m to young to be your girlfriend. I could be your sister or your child. I just think you deserve better. Please consider this. If you really want fans, you should really consider the option. Thanks!

    2. Мы не позаимствувать смотреть блог за отдыхе: перейти сколько времени злится мужчина

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