As Spotted In An Alabama Walmart Parking Lot – This Elephant Ford Ranger [Morning Twitpic]

Why the slow morning? We’re on our way back to the office from LSU-Alabama weekend and a quick stop to Bourbon Street in New Orleans. Us northerners need an SEC weekend at least once a year to kick our ass, send us back home to spread the gospel and feel that much more pained by northern football.

Speaking of SEC, here is a Ford Ranger spotted by our Bama TV buddy Nick Lough at an Alabama Walmart (@NickLough). Yes, that’s an elephant with a Tiger in its mouth. Roll Tide, indeed!

As for your NY Post covers:

Finally, here is a great sign we didn’t see at LSU-Alabama but needs addressed this morning. If our hits on Saturday are any indication, college football fans are hearing about AJ McCarron’s mom. We’re officially the headquarters for all things Dee Dee Bonner.

(via @domopom)

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