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Greg Oden “Homie Wasted” & Carrying Booze Horn At OSU-Purdue Tailgate, Twitter Reports

How hard did Greg Oden go on the party circuit yesterday for Ohio State-Purdue weekend? Wade Boggs hard. An all day(er). 7-footer balls to the walls. The first report of Oden partying was at 1:53 p.m. at Tiny Gate. The last reports came after midnight.

As you know from Busted Coverage’s Greg Oden Bar Watch, the former NBA #1 overall has been blazing a bar tab trail across the Ohio State campus and up and down High St. over the last couple months. Example: the day he was “Frat Boy Wasted.” Or what about the Saturday in September when he was middle fingering at the Little Bar?

What’s a guy with millions to do on a football Saturday? Pull out the booze horn and get homie wasted!

Let’s do this.

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