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Bryce Harper’s Girlfriend Kayla Varner Kinda Pissed We Outed Their Relationship

You know how we know BC readers in Las Vegas don’t read the stupid newspaper? Not a single reader sent an email mentioning we made the lead of Norm Clarke’s Las Vegas Review-Journal gossip column for our post on Bryce Harper & his girlfriend.

Once again, BC just beating one-eyed Norm at his own game. We went right into Norm’s backyard and stole an exclusive right out from under his nose. Beat the old codger at his game.

The truth is, I grew up in this business looking up to Norm. Those days are officially over. He’s now sourcing BC. Game on, one-eye.

As for Varner, her Twitter account is still open for business.


What? Disregard for privacy? Now that’s some serious bullshit right there. You don’t want outed, don’t have a Twitter account blabbing about the Nats and Skyping with the boo.

Again, a dumb BYU broad speaking on that which she doesn’t know. Varner’s Facebook account was, and still is, wide open. No privacy settings at all.

The real travesty here is that the worthless Nats blew a 6-0 lead and didn’t go to the NLCS where Bryce Harper girlfriend Google traffic would’ve been insane.

If anyone should be pissed off, it would be us.

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