Dylan Draws This Amazing Picture Of Mat Latos For Reds-Giants Game 5

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Kids drawing sports heroes gets us every time. Take this kid, Dylan, and the inspirational art he dedicated to Mat Latos and the Reds for today’s incredibly important Game 5 against the Giants.

The Reds went out and got Latos from the Padres for crisis situations like the 1 p.m. first pitch on TBS.

Combine my love for the Reds, Dylan’s art and the circumstances of the Reds blowing a 2-0 lead and there’s not much pressure on Latos.

Dylan’s mother, @MichelleMatter, tweets to Mat’s wife:

@dallaslatos here is a better picture. Dylan wanted to make sure Mat could see the tattoos he drew. Go Reds!

Tears…straight down my face. Look at those arms – the tats. And cowboy boots. The glove on the left hand.

One game, Latos. Do it for Dylan.