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62-Year-Old MMA Bad Ass KO’s Young Punk Via Spinning Backfist [VIDEO]

Fight: Wayne ‘Fu’ Smallwood Vs Weeg Hewson

Posted on YouTube: September 30, 2012

Premise: Just another night of fights in Alaska where old codgers face young punks who think they’ll kick grandpa’s ass. What Weeg doesn’t know is that Wayne has a killer spinning backfist.

In his spare time, Wayne makes walking sticks while wearing camo pants and whoop ass boots. The guy is tough. Just look at this guy’s Facebook account. Fu might be getting old but he’s still a mixed martial arts freak.

How is a 62-year-old allowed to step in a ring for an MMA match? Alaska doesn’t have a fight commission. Pretty much anything goes.

So you might face Fu Smallwood some night and get your ass pummeled. Just the luck of the draw.

Fu Smallwood, right


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