Buffalo’s Cynthia Zordich: Hottest Mom In College Football Contender [PHOTOS]

I just happened to be listening to WJOX in Alabama this afternoon when some redneck called and wanted to banter about last night’s Buffalo-Kent State game. Of course this redneck started talking about Buffalo QB Alex Zordich’s mom, Cynthia. Redneck mentioned something about mom being a “10” and how she was a photographer. Time to open up ESPN3 and Twitter to find my coordinates.

And then she appeared, Mrs. Zordich!

Some of our 35 & up readers will remember Mike Zordich from his NFL days; 185 games, 20 INTs, 4 TDs. The guy was a stud.

Anyway, somewhere along the way, he married his wife, Cynthia. They had a couple of strapping boys and one went to play at Penn State. Alex ended up at Buffalo. Mom has a pretty big photography career and a great tan.

The rest is ESPNU history. Kinda thinking she’s a more mature Amanda Beard.

(Alex had a rough night; 4-of-22 for 92 yards, one TD and two INTs. Buffalo lost, 23-7)

[Cynthia Zordich Photography]

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    1. JP Montgomery says:

      Why does the guy that called have to be a “redneck?” Being from Alabama does not qualify you as a “redneck!” People like you who think that just because you live in the South, especially Alabama, then you aren’t educated, must be inbred, & therefore a “redneck,” prove your own ignorance! Do you even know what a true “redneck” is? Obviously not!

      If he is a redneck because he called a sports talk radio show to say a QBs mom is hot, what does that make you? The caller was watching a football game & saw a beautiful woman, so like most guys do, he told someone. You, on the other hand, put forth time & effort in search of finding this lady. By your standards the caller may be a “redneck,” but by my standards, you my friend is a sad & pathetic human being!!

      If you don’t like us “rednecks” don’t listen to our shows!!

      Put that in your next article!!

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