David McCosby Allegedly Tebows After Assaulting Teen On Riding Lawn Mower

Police have finally arrested David McCosby, the guy they say Tebowed after knocking a teen off a riding lawn mower. The case even has a confession from McCosby. This all happened in August 27, but cops never stopped working on this case. The great people of Pennsylvania can rest easy. This will hopefully be the last Tebowing assault in New Castle, PA history.

According to the local newspaper:

David Edward McCosby, 53, of 4145 Wiley Lane, is charged with simple assault and harassment.

Police said that on Aug. 27, McCosby allegedly assaulted a 17-year-old male who was cutting grass at a Hollow Road residence.

According to police, the teen — on a riding mower — turned it onto the road and into the path of a motorist — McCosby. Police reported the driver got out of his car, knocked the youth off the mower and assaulted him.

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    1. Anonymous says:

      Mr McCosby took his own life, hope your happy with yourself, after degrading him nationally. I think this should require your condolences to his family for their loss.

    2. anonymous says:

      this great man did not attack and harrass the teen he simply lost his temper and did not even injure him.he was my uncle had 10siblings a loving family living parents. on thursday he took his own life because of websites like this i hope you are happy

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