ESPNU Hosts Play NCAA Football ’13 On Cowboys Stadium Big Screen [PHOTOS]

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Why hasn’t BC gotten this opportunity yet? Do enough people really watch ESPNU’s Road Trip to give their hosts the opportunity to play NCAA Football ’13 on the Cowboys Stadium big screen? Maybe we’re just bitter and jealous…actually yes, that’s definitely the case. We want to play video games on a 60-yard screen. We want to play the ESPNU crew head-to-head.

Hosts Oliver Ali Nejad (@Ali_Nejad) and Niki Noto (@NikiNoto) set up a preview of Saturday’s prime-time match up between Alabama and Michigan on the big screen. Sorry fans, no word on who came out on top. Check out 60-yards of video game action below.

P.S. We have full confidence that BC would crush the ESPNU Road Trip crew in NCAA Football 13. Yes, that is a challenge.

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