Los Angeles Sports Fanantic Wanted Us To See So Cal Tribute Tattoo

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It seems our post Wednesday on the epic Alabama fan tattoo has opened the floodgates for emailers wanting their ink honored. Scott S., a sales manger in Los Angeles wrote to us this morning about his tat: “A complete tribute to my Southern California sports teams… took 8 hours to complete.” To which he was sent a follow-up email: “So, what’s with Jeff Gordon?” (Yes, we know Jeff is from Cali.) 

Honestly, this might be the first Jeff Gordon, Lakers, Dodgers and Trojans tattoo we’ve ever seen in the five-year existence of the site. Congrats to Scott.

Of course there were more questions.

Price? $500

How did Jeff Gordon sneak into that tat?  Born in Vallejo California.. He is one of Us… & Yes NASCAR is a sport LOL ;o)

Favorite sports memory from the L.A. sports scene? Lakers vs. Celtics Game 7 2010… Was at the game and it was electric… Huge Win and Even Better Party ;o)

The Song Girls: Marry

Alyssa Milano: Kill

Laker Girls: F

Do you have a sports tattoo that we need to see? Send details and make sure the tat is worth our time. Brett Favre’s face on your ass? Show it off.