Even Jacksonville NBC Affiliate Sports Director Ripping Bob Costas, NBC [VIDEO]

Poor NBC, poor Bob Costas and poor Dan Hicken. Wait, who the hell is Dan Hicken? He’s actually the sports director at First Coast News, Jacksonville’s NBC affiliate. You see, Dan is tired of Bob Costas, tired of his Michael Phelps interviews and wishes the voice of the NBC Olympics would shut up at midnight. Why? Because Dan is tired of working well into the morning during the Olympics.

Is Dan using some tongue-and-cheek banter with his Ken & Barbie co-hosts just to get in some funny little jabs at the parent company? Does Dan realize NBC dropped over a billion on the rights to the Olympics?

Dan’s no rookie. These feelings have been boiling up for years. He’s only been sports director at FCN since 1991.

“Bob, when it’s 12 o’clock you say goodnight.”

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    1. Margaret says:

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