Whose Mom Wasn’t Dancing With Jerry Rice At Harrahs Tahoe?

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The more we dig into the American Century golf weekend in Tahoe, the more we learn about Jerry Rice pretty much panty dropping all the women at the Harrahs’ resort. Was there some sort of MILF convention in town that we’re not aware of? Divorced Cougar convention? While it’s normal for bros to brag on Twitter about their dad getting smashed with Wade Boggs, it’s a complete rarity to have so many moms getting hogged by Rice.

Yes, we already showed you video today of Rice driving broads crazy, but there is always room for a report of moms living out their 1987 dream of grinding on the legend. It’s better than a night at home reading 50 Shades of Grey.

Was your mom getting grinded by Jerry Rice this weekend? Is she willing to chat about her experience at the Harrahs party? Do you have video of Rice doing same dance move for three hours straight? Let’s talk.


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