Would It Be Possible To Get Aida Yespica On American TV? Please. [38 PHOTOS]

How is it possible that former Euro futboler WAG Aida Yespica hasn’t landed some sort of gig on American TV? No openings on Big Brother or Survivor? Look, this Venezuelan chick is used to being on stupid shows where she knows being hot is part of the gig. Take these photos for an Italian version of Survivor. Yespica gets stuck on an island and just happens to have a treasure chest full of bikinis. It’s like the best TV show¬† – EVER.

Meanwhile, American television channels keep shoving fatty shows down our throats. Do I want to see some pig in a spaghetti strap getting on a scale? Hardly. Enough! You want women to watch a show? Throw Yespica’s tanned ass on at like 8 p.m. on a Thursday and I guarantee women will watch for two reasons.

1. Jealousy

2. They’re mesmerized

Look, women would watch Yespica diving to spear a fish. Not because it’s hot to them. They’ll picture themselves in these bikinis. They’ll wonder what kind of ripped bro they could slam on a one-night stand. They’ll wonder what life would be like living in a 9.5 body instead of a 4.

Basic science, people.



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