VIDEO: Scumbag Matt Millen Still Supporting Child Rape Protector Joe Paterno

Matt Millen is having a bad day on ESPN SportsCenter. He’s trying to analyze the Freeh Report and is trying to blame then Penn State President Graham Spanier for not going over the real leader of the university – Joe Paterno – to report Jerry Sandusky back in 2001. The guy is stammering. Total mess. Trying to spin that Paterno did so much good for the university that covering up child rape shouldn’t define his legacy.

Guys, read the Freeh Report. Then watch Matt Millen, the apologist, say Paterno made a mistake. Also note that Millen thinks – besides a coach raping kids – Penn State ran a clean program.

This is a demented mind. Maybe one day he’ll stop worshiping a false hero who wore Nikes and donated money to libraries.

Does the guy come out and say, “I’ve lost all respect for Joe Paterno. Covering up child rape is intolerable and he has disgraced his legacy, what he stood for and everything he ever taught his football players.”

Nope. He stammers.

Does Matt Millen come out and say, “Joe Paterno could have put an end to a child rapist on the Penn State campus but chose (twice) to cover up Sandusky’s actions. It’s a scumbag move.”

Nope, he kept coming back to the fact that Spanier didn’t go over Paterno’s head.



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