PGA Pro Charlie Beljan Wearing Awesome 69 Buckle At Greenbrier [PHOTO]

Update: Astute golf dorks tell us that is a 59 belt. You can buy them here. Not to bust the company’s balls, but it would have been much better if they called the company 69 belts. Much better ring.

BC reader @calepatterson wanted to know if we saw PGA pro Charlie Beljan’s 69 belt buckle. Um, of course not, because who (a.) who the hell is Charlie Beljan, and (b.) who the hell is watching Charlie Beljan play at the Greenbrier when Tiger Woods missed the cut and Troy Kelly is your leader at -12?

Of course it’s a total bro move going with the 69 buckle. Thing is, it’s unclear whether it’s a 69 like you’re thinking or if it’s some sort of symbolic 69 related to a golf score. Looking at Charlie’s Twitter account, he doesn’t come across as a meathead.

Going through other Greenbrier photos, it appears this is the debut of the 69 belt buckle. Time for the golf media to start asking questions.

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    1. Michael says:

      Are u kidding? “69” reminds me of some immature middle schooler that has never been laid. Grow up please

      1. Jay Koot says:

        You’re telling me to grow up? Thanks, Dad.

    2. sm2 says:

      it’s not 69…it’s 59 they are a custom company that makes buckles for golfers.

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